We found the training shortcut so anyone can get better faster! Develop your baseball and softball skills in a competitive and fun group setting with tracked progression in our tech enabled training facility with our premier pro coaching staff. Become a member and unlock your potential with a new set of friends in the community.


We have developed training programs specific to hitting, pitching, throwing, and moving that are based on proper body movements that start from the ground up. You don’t need 10,000 hours because we shortcut the process by focusing on efficient movement. Your kid will get better with just a few hours a week competing with a bunch of their friends. We will track their development through our program and send you quarterly measurable progress reports with notes on what they are working on. Enter the lab for more training insights.

Baseball & Softball Camps

The Club Baseball & Softball camps are designed and run by our friendly and knowledgeable staff with years of coaching experience. We provide the most comprehensive instruction in the game today. Our State of the art Training Center gives our campers everything they need to succeed. The weekly objective is to challenge every player to develop new skills and have fun at the same time.

Session Includes: Rotating stations focusing on Hitting, Pitching/Throwing, Fielding and Base Running, Hittrax Competitions and other games to challenge each and every player.


Blow out your candles at The Baseball Club. Available Saturdays, 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. The Baseball Club provides 2 coaches and party host. Enjoy batting cages and games in our state-of-the-art Baseball & Softball facility. Package includes up to 10 players. Additional players are $20 each.

Cost: $400 

*$100 deposit due upon booking

Training Facilities

State of the art tech enabled facility with video, Hit Trax, and Rapsodo to provide a fun filled session with tracked progress. We combine the premier facility with cutting edge training methods to provide the cheat code to development.  Come in for a free assessment with premier pro coaching staff.